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Maeve and Martin Yore
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Maeve and Martin Yore

Maeve Yore For those of you who don't know me personally let me tell you a little about myself. I am the youngest of six - my Dad died when I was 16 months old and my Mam reared us all single handely instilling in us kindness to others, work ethic, honesty and integrity.
I am happily married to Martin who is a Station Officer in Louth Fire & Rescue and am proud Mam to four children - James, David, Stephen and Rachael. I worked in Dundalk Credit Union for 14 years and Eircell/Vodafone Call Centre for 13 years. I have always been involved and cared about my Family, Community and County.
I have been a fundraiser and volunteer for local schools, groups and committees for over 30 years. I am a founder member of Special Needs Active Parents (SNAP) and a Board Member of Louth Volunteer Centre and Louth Meath Education & Training Board.

Maeve Yore I am proud to live, work, shop and to represent the people of Louth since I was elected to Louth County Council in 2014 with 1,228 first preference votes and by spending €476 of my own savings to fund my local election campaign. I feel I have made a huge difference for the better for my Town, County and Community. I have dealt with and resolved issues - some of which were complex outstanding issues from 3 years ago with commitment, integrity and energy. I have represented Louth with Pride at over 90 events and raised several motions and questions in the Council Chamber in relation to Accessibility for All, Value for Money, Anti Social behaviour, Respect and Protecting our Senior Citizens, Pollution and much more. I was the only Councillor to vote against additional Chairs' Allowances and asked for receipted expenses only. I attended County Development and Local Property Tax Workshops to try and get the best possible outcome for the people of Louth. I have zero tolerance in relation to crime and criminals - I strongly feel we need to support our Gardaí - enough is enough we have to end the abuse and murders of our decent hardworking local people and Gardaí and reclaim our communities. In my opinion the criminal justice system errs on the side of the criminal not the victim and we have to change that. I value integrity, ownership and community. In my opinion ordinary people like me and you have had enough, we are fed up, we are hungry for change, we want an alternative with integrity.

Finian McGrath T.D. Maeve Yore and Shane Ross T.D. So after much pursuance and persuasion from different political parties and groupings, and after discussing it with my family I decided to run as an Independent Alliance candidate for Louth East Meath in the General Election 2016. Independent Alliance is a GROUP not a PARTY, there is NO Party Whip and all our opinions and views, even if they differ, are respected and encouraged - this is what politics should be about. Some of the Key Principles of Independent Alliance resonate with me and they include equal educational and employment opportunities for people with Disabilities, Supporting our Senior Citizens and Sick, Saving Rural Ireland, Encouraging Small businesses, end of nepotism and cronyism.

It takes courage, stamina, passion and commitment to put yourself forward to stand in any election, I have no party political machine or their finances behind me. I am using my personal savings to fund my election campaign. I have been overwhelmed by the goodwill, respect and encouragement of ordinary people - some of whom were committed party people - to take a stand and make a difference for the good of all the people of Louth / East Meath. The decision is yours do ye the people of Louth/East Meath want me to be YORE TD? "

Finian McGrath T.D. Source: Finian McGrath T.D.
Maeve is a woman of great courage and compassion and always puts people at the centre of politics.
We need new fresh Independent voices in the Dáil and I urge you all to vote number one for Maeve.
Maeve Yore is an outstanding candidate.

Shane Ross T.D. Source: Shane Ross T.D.
We are very honoured in the Independent Alliance that she has joined our team.
Maeve's long service to the community in Dundalk, her voluntary work and commitment to the disabled and disadvantaged is unmatched in political circles.
Her presence in Leinster House would bring integrity to the proceedings of the Dáil, a fresh approach to old problems and would contribute to our crusade against cronyism.
We cannot wait to welcome this talented family woman to Dáil Éireann.